Saturday, 10 May 2014

I ve written a lot of long documents on my phones memo pad but this is something new and different. I hope i have correctly chosen all the anonymous settings cuz if i have not then probably i am making a big fool of myself the next morning or maybe the moment i click POST. Thanks to our wireless world. So yeah i am not good in this. So u have to bear with me on every unnecessary sentence i add up to. And those of you who are thinking why shopgirl then u guys are right-i just saw u ve got mail. so that was an easy guess.. At times i think why do these chick flicks exist when nothing of these happen in real life. But then at the other moment i am sure there is a part of a movie when you see yourself in one of the characters footsteps. And each end gives a hope in you, i must say a secretive hope that life ends this way for us too. but the reality check is quite the opposite. I cant write a motivational speech but sumwhere i believe always keep that hope because u never know that next day the whole reality check takes a reverse turn and we land up where we always desire to be. Today wasnt a really perfect day. It wasnt bad but somewhere down things were not exactly what i had wished for. And the best part is i am really not sure what i actually wish for. Its just a feeling that makes me realize if this is what i want or this is what is not happening to the best. I am waiting for the day when i completely understand the whole feeling. But as i said i keep that hope and that hope leads me to the way its destined to be. I know i sound like a crazy confusing ass but yeah at this point i am not putting my brains out on anything and trying to be that little girl of 5 who believes what her fairy tails tell her to believe. I am waiting for that perfect end, that end which me myself isnt able to locate but the end that completes my feeling and keeps that everlasting smile on my face which was once upon a time.
I think i am done as compared to my first blog. Thanks a lot if you have reached reading till the end which i am sure many of you might not.
Thanks a ton
A secretive hopeful person tonight..